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Wondering about MissyRedBoots?

Well a friend gave me the name as I have always had gorgeous red boots, SO NOTHING SCARY. In fact, it was a bit scary once, when my dog Nadar took a shine to them, leaving me in danger of becoming "MissyRedBoot.." Fortunately MrRedBoot(s) soon rode to the rescue with fine replacements.

The visual world is both my personal and professional passion (think nice Footwear and Apple Mac's!), and having always been crazy about art and design in all shapes and forms, I am still pleasantly surprised by just how rewarding professional design work is, for a "compulsive - creative - perfectionist" like me.





After many years of being like this, I have a huge amount of varied design work under my "boots" , of which I am immensely proud. I'm also very fortunate these days to be attended to by my colleagues and servants, including MrRedBoots, and to be able to cast my influence and project my exacting standards upon them, and many deserving clients.

Please step this way for some examples of our graphic and web design work